RBS Change Product News

RBS Change Product News
  1. RBS Change 3.0

    Écrit par Franck Stauffer - 11/02/2010 10:00 - 1 commentaire

    We are proud to announce the official release of RBS Change 3.0, a new milestone of the RBS Change project and its availability under an open source license. This new version brings a lot new features, which would far too long to list here. The RBS Change Team worked on three different axis.

    Content Management

    We wanted the administration interface to be as ergonomic as possible in this version. We also wanted it to feel snappier than ever.

    New backoffice forms

    Creating or editing a document has been completely revamped in RBS Change. Backoffice forms have several tabs now. Each tab is providing a quick access to informations related to the document:
    • Summary giving a quick overview of its properties, available translations, current URL or whatever piece of information that might be useful
    • Properties which is the actual editing form
    • Create, which is the creation form, that can be completely different from the editing form (shorter, ordered differently, ...)
    • State to quickly publish or unpublish any translation of the document
    • Translations well, as you might have guessed, to translate the document or to edit existing translations
    • URL to change a document's URL and handle all 301 redirects to the document
    • History giving an overview of all operations performed on the document
    You can even add custom tabs, which is precisely what we've done in our e-commerce modules or for our comment module.

    Re-engineering of backoffice document lists

    It is now easy to reorder or move documents around using drag and drop only. Loading times have been improved as well! And, for those who are familiar with former versions of RBS Change, the resource tree is gone (almost).


    Again, improved usability: it is no longer required to jump from one view to another to create and publish new products. You can also add new attributes on the fly to any product. We've also seriously revisited our multi-shop support. Last but not least, you can do quite a lot of things by yourself in backoffice to configure your MOPs, you can create smart folders to group your orders the way you want...

    The RBS Change development platform

    We also wanted to make sure everyone is able to grasp the fact that RBS Change is more than just a CMS : it is also a full featured development platform. We have a great framework powering the software : just try it out by yourself.

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